About Motor Mart Garage

A Clean, Well-Lighted Garage with twenty-four hour staff and security for your assistance and to ease you to your destination.

About Motor Mart Garage

At the Motor Mart, you and your vehicle are fully protected from the elements as daylight streams in through our art deco windows.

Revolutionary in 1927, the Double Threaded Helix ramp design is still rarely employed in large urban garages due to space constraints. Yet at the Motor Mart it allows patrons to rise two vertical levels while circling the garage only once, and combined with our Clearway Path travel lanes (no ramp parking), speeds vehicles directly to the nearest available space..Upon exiting, the Helix brings cars to either side of Park Square (Stuart St or Columbus Ave), wherever traffic is least.

Motor Mart Garage Diagram

Get In and Get Out

  • Enter either of our mirror image Double Threaded Helix ramp systems, from Columbus Ave or Stuart St, to speed you to the first open space.
  • Our Clearway Path ramps are free from parked cars, eliminating blockage delays from backing out.
  • Three separate pedestrian exits to street level to get you closer to your destination.
  • With no payments made at exits, there is never an exit lane delay due to queuing up to pay.
  • Two egress points from the Double Helix on each side of the Garage to speed you on your way even if traffic backs up from the street at one exit.
  • No sweat access to all points, including Mass Pike via Arlington St and to I-93 via Stuart to Kneeland St.
Motor Mart Double Helix Diagram

Park Better

  • Personal Escort to your car upon request
  • Pay by phone with Parkmobile (Zone 5389) and avoid stopping in the lobby
  • Counter based car rentals from Hertz and Dollar, Hourly car rentals from Zip Car and Hertz on Demand
  • There is available on site car detailing and washing service on the third floor from Mr. Perfection Auto Detailing while your car is parked. Discounts are available for monthly parkers.
  • Troublesome vehicle assistance including battery charging and tire changing, and help with keys locked in the car
  • Umbrella Loaner: if you forgot yours, pick one up in our lobby as you rush to your destination (try to bring it back for the next person)
  • Short-term work area with free Wi-Fi and clean bathrooms - right in our wood paneled lobby
  • Fifteen minutes of free parking for those who don’t like what they see