Garage History

Who would have thought, but the Motor Mart Garage has brought both architectural beauty and emerging technology to parking for nine decades.

The double helix ramp design of 1927 still speeds customers to the most convenient empty parking space.

Motor Mart Garage in 1927


Best New Building in Boston

The original 4 story Motor Mart was razed, replaced with the current award-winning 9 floor Garage.

Motor Mart Garage in 1958


Hertz Lived Here Even Then

Bustle of tail fins through what is now the expanded (with our help) green space of Emancipation Park.

Motor Mart Garage in 1997


Age Catches Up

Cheap prior management brings physical decay and shameless promotion to a seedy neighborhood.

Motor Mart Garage in 1998


Off Comes the Skin

Open 24/7, as always, during renovations, even with no façade (don’t tell our insurance company).

Motor Mart Garage in 1999


Renovation and Upgrade Complete

The Motor Mart’s Jazz Age style and groove was recreated in its original splendor with exact detail.

Motor Mart Garage in 2013


Daily Maintenance Preserves the Beauty

The renovation won several awards for preservation and restoration, a status we work hard to maintain.

The renovation of 1999 restored every corner to its original stunning Art Deco condition and the staff of the Motor Mart is present and working on the floors twenty-four hours every day to maintain the environment, condition and brightness that creates the convenient and safe parking experience at the Motor Mart Garage.

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