31st Aids Walk & 5K Run Parking

47 David G Mugar Way
Boston, MA

Parking information and walking directions from the wood-paneled lobby of Motor Mart Garage to 31st Aids Walk & 5K Run

As Boston is perennially voted one of the most walkable cities in America, enjoy a short stroll from the Motor Mart Garage to nearby 31st Aids Walk & 5K Run. 31st Aids Walk & 5K Run

Every year, thousands of dedicated participants have raised millions of dollars for AIDS Action’s innovative programs and services that are essential to maintaining the health of individuals living with the disease and preventing the spread of the epidemic.

The Google map presented above will take you for a stroll though some of the scenic paths of the Boston Public Garden.  If you wish a more direct route to your destination, please take a left on the sidewalk just outside the Public Garden and then take a right as you come to Arlington Street.  Continue with the Public Garden on your right until you reach Beacon Street, then continue with #14 of the walking instructions.

  • Visit 31st Aids Walk & 5K Run Web Site
  • Contact Motor Mart Garage

    • P: (617) 482 8380
    • 201 Stuart Street, Boston MA

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