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What are your parking hours?

We are a 24 hour parking facility open 365 days a year.

Where is the garage located?

Our address is 201 Stuart Street, Boston, MA 02116

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept cash, Visa, Mastercard, American Express. Monthly Pass Holders can pay via auto debit directly to your bank account or by cash or credit card. Debit Card Holders can pay via auto debit directly to your bank account or credit card.

What is the height clearance in the Motor Mart Garage?

7'-0" (Seven feet)

Do you allow motorcycle parking?

For the security an safety of all our coustomers we are unable to accommodate motorcycles.

Do the restaurants within the Motor Mart Garage offer any type of parking validation?

Yes, each restaurant within the Motor Mart Garage, (Maggiano’s, Legal Sea Foods, and Flemings), offers discounted parking for customers. Enter after 5pm Monday – Friday stay 3 hours and pay $10.00. After 3 hours posted rates apply. Park any 3 hours on Saturday and Sunday and pay $10.00. After 3 hours on Saturday and Sunday as well posted rates will apply. Be sure to have the restaurant validate your ticket in order to receive the discount! Click here for Validation Rates.

Can I leave my vehicle parked overnight?

Yes, the Motor Mart Garage is open and staffed 24 hours a day 7 days a week. We also offer a Monthly Overnight Pass for those parkers who live in the area. Click here for Daily Rates or Monthly Night Owl Rates.

Is monthly parking available?

Yes. Please visit our second floor office to pick up a short application. Click here for Monthly Rates.

Where do I pay when I return to the Motor Mart Garage?

Please remember to take your parking ticket with you as you will pay in the lobby before returning to your vehicle. Payment stations and a cashier are located in lobby. Payment stations accept cash, Visa, MasterCard, and American Express. After the fee is paid, the validated ticket will be returned to you for use at the exit gate on the 2nd floor. We do not accept payment at the exit in order to help speed your departure from the Motor Mart Garage. No need to wait in line to pay at the exit; just insert your ticket, or swipe your monthly pass and Go!

Where is the Motor Mart Garage office located?

The Motor Mart Garage office is located on the second floor.

Is there twenty-four (24) hour staffing and security of my assistance?

Yes, the Motor Mart Garage has 24 hour security guards as well as 24 hour garage staff to assist customers. Please see the cashier in the lobby or go to the second floor office for assistance.

What is the daily rate for parking?

Up to 24 hours of parking is $40.00. Click here for Regular Daily Rates.

Will I be directed to the most convenient empty parking space for my ultimate destination?

Yes, when the Motor Mart Garage is busy an attendant will often direct traffic on the upper floors to empty spaces. Tell him your ultimate destination for so he can direct you to the most convenient spot.

Can I request an escort to my car?

Yes, come to the second floor office and we will happily provide you an escort.

If I have any questions about the Motor Mart Garage who do I contact?

Contact the Motor Mart Garage office at 617-482-8380 with your question or comment.

How do I exit the Motor Mart Garage on foot after parking so that I can get most quickly to my next destination?

You may use the elevator or stairs to our wood-paneled and coffered ceilinged lobby facing The Four Seasons and Common. You may also use the stairway to Stuart Street facing Bay Village or the stairway to Arlington Street toward Liberty Mutual and Copley Square. Click here for a list of neighborhood locations with walking directions from our wood-paneled lobby.

Is there a place I can stop to get organized or spend some time before or after a meeting?

Yes, in fine weather, relax in the newly refurbished Statler or Emancipation Parks on either side of the Motor Mart. Click here for information about our neighboring Parks.

Can I get stuck trying to exit the Motor Mart Garage because traffic backs up on Stuart Street?

No, because in the event Stuart Street becomes backed up or impassible with traffic we immediately open the exit ramp to Columbus Avenue on the other side of Park Plaza. Click here for map to help get your bearings.

Do you provide statements of parking activity and expenses?

Yes. Monthly Pass Holders or Debit Card Holders must come in person to the Motor Mart Garage office and present proper identification in order to receive account activity information.

What if I lose my monthly or debit parking pass?

Please report lost or stolen passes to the Motor Mart Garage manager as soon as possible. Access will be terminated for that account and a new pass can be issued. The replacement cost for lost or stolen passes is $10.00.

What is the debit program?

The Debit Card Program is ideal for patrons who don’t drive every day but want the convenience of an access card. This program uses a garage access card that automatically deducts your parking fee from your account on file when you exit the garage. This program allows you to skip processing payment in the lobby and proceed directly to the exit of the Motor Mart Garage.

Under the debit program, is ther a minimum amount that I need to load onto the card?

No. Your parking fee will be automatically deducted from your checking account each month via ACH transfer or charged directly to your credit card on file each time you use your card.

How do I apply for the debit program?

Simply complete the Application and return it to the Motor Mart Garage office located on the 2nd floor of the garage. An Access Card will be issued to you at this time.

Contact Motor Mart Garage

  • P: (617) 482 8380
  • 201 Stuart Street, Boston MA

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