DCR Hatch Memorial Shell Parking

47 David G Mugar Way
Boston, MA

Parking information and walking directions from the wood-paneled lobby of Motor Mart Garage to DCR Hatch Memorial Shell

As Boston is perennially voted one of the most walkable cities in America, enjoy a short stroll from the Motor Mart Garage to nearby DCR Hatch Memorial Shell. DCR Hatch Memorial Shell parking is a 10 minute walk away.

The Google map presented above will take you for a stroll though some of the scenic paths of the Boston Public Garden.  If you wish a more direct route to your destination, please take a left on the sidewalk just outside the Public Garden and then take a right as you come to Arlington Street.  Continue with the Public Garden on your right until you reach Beacon Street, then continue with #14 of the walking instructions.

  • Visit DCR Hatch Memorial Shell Web Site
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    • P: (617) 482 8380
    • 201 Stuart Street, Boston MA

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